Walter & Judy Burchett

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Experienced Producer

Walter knows what it takes to get the job done.  After rising through the ranks in the US Army to Master Sergeant, Walter has always done what had to be done to get the task completed.  His work ethics are unmatched.  He has developed a name for himself in the insurance industry by taking on the more advanced processes (Index Universal Life and Annuities).  Walter really enjoys helping families protect their futures and be set to leave a legacy for their family.  He is licensed in VA, NC and MS.   

Judy Burchett

Experienced Producer

Judy is an Equis Financial Ignite Winner.  She worked tirelessly to ensure that she was on track to reach this achievement.  She set a trail for others to follow.  As a mother, Judy knows the importance of family and she has made it her priority to protect as many middle-class families as she can.  As a person of strong managerial skills, her zest for engaging family in a delicate conversation about their future makes her a very strong person to have in your corner.   

Judy is ready to help you protect your family.  She is licensed in VA and MD.   

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Authentic Financial Service was created to serve.  We are a family-owned business currently servicing clients in VA, NC MD, and MS.  Helping you protect your loved ones is very important to us.  Let us show you how to protect them so they will be OK if something happens to you. 


Our focus is on you.  Without you there would be no us.  We understand the hardships of needing insurance and not having it or believing that its too expensive.  We will work with you to find a product that is within your budget to give your family the protection they deserve.  

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